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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Newark's election on May 12, 2020 will be a vote-by-mail election. Instead of going to a polling place and voting in person, every voter in Newark will receive a ballot in the mail. THIS MEANS YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE A VOTE BY MAIL APPLICATION. In this election, we will choose three Board of Education members to lead our schools, and vote yes or no on the Newark school budget.


Don't let COVID-19 stop you from exercising your power! 

Scroll down to learn more about how to vote

in this all vote by mail election.

View background on the current candidates HERE.

Email with any questions.


Receiving Your Ballot

Did you receive your...





> You will receive your vote-by-mail documents in the mail.

In your envelope, you will receive a total of 3 documents: a mail-in-ballot (1), a certification envelope (2), and an outer return envelope (3).




Filling Out Your Ballot

Your mail-in ballot is where you’ll cast your vote for three Board of Education members & vote yes or no on the district’s schools budget.

Make sure to use ONLY black pencil or pen to mark your ballot.

Fill in the ovals below the 3 candidates’ you want to vote for. Make sure you fill in the entire bubble - and remember, you can vote for up to three candidates.

To vote on the public question, fill in the oval below the word “YES” or “NO” completely.

Certification Envelope

Your certification envelope is the envelope that you will sign to validate your ballot, and then put your ballot inside of.

 Complete the certificate and sign where instructed.

 Insert the completed ballot into the certification envelope.


WAIT!  Did you make a COMMON MISTAKE?

X Did you use red ink? 

Make sure you used only black pencil or pen when marking your ballot.

Did you fill in the ovals just partially?

When filling out the ballot, completely fill in the ovals to vote for 3 different candidates.

Did you detach the certificate?

Keep the certificate attached to the certification envelope and make sure to sign it.

These mistakes can render your ballot VOID.


IF you did you not receive your ballot, or if you need to request a second ballot....

You can request a replacement. 

1. Download this Second Ballot Request Form.

2. Download this Vote by Mail Application.

3. Print the form and application and fill them out.

4. To submit the form and application, scan or a take a photograph of the completed form.

5. Email completed form and application to or fax it to (973) 621-4960.

6. A second ballot will be sent by priority mail.

If you have any questions, contact the Clerk's Office at (973)-621-4922 or (973)-387-7314 or email


Mailing Your Ballot

The outer return envelope is your main envelope that you will place your readied certification envelope (signed with ballot sealed inside) inside of. 

Sign the outer return envelope & print your name and address.

To mail, leave the envelope in your mailbox for your mail carrier to pick up or drop it off in a nearby mailbox or post office before May 12. There’s no need for a stamp, postage is included!

If you need help finding your nearest mailbox, use the USPS mail box locator website: